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As nation and ummah we are on the eve of a really important election which is a matter of life and death. The circles which have united against our country are making every effort to prevent the revival and rise of Turkey in the upcoming election which will affect the entire world, especially the Islamic world, as much as our country itself. These circles are apparently targeting our respected President himself, but in reality they are targeting the hope of our dear nation.

They are trying to reach their goals at the ballot box on June 24th, which they have tried before through the judiciary, the July 15th coup attempt, and various financial plots of recent times.

In this election, not forgetting that even one vote is really valuable, we are going to vote for the survival of our nation and ummah, keeping in our mind how the suffering people in this geography will be affected.

This election is not just a matter of political choice!

Expressing your opinion on a matter related with the salvation of the nation and ummah is not politics but defence of the truth. There are such crossroads that remaining impartial means voting against.

We believe that, in this election, acting on simple and personal calculation or being hesitant will result in spiritual responsibility.

It is necessary to support the President with a strong parliamentary majority which will work quick and harmoniously in the presidential system, which is going to be implemented for the first time as an important step for our country.

It is obvious that voting for our respected President for Presidency, but on the other hand voting for a different party for parliamentary, will make the executive organ powerless and weak and cause the continuation of the old system of tutelage.

As a result, June 24th is not the day of disunity, striving against each other or remaining impartial. It is the time of safeguarding Cumhur İttifakı (People’s Alliance) by joining hands, standing shoulder to shoulder.

We as the Hayrat Foundation Nur Students declare that we stand by our respected President- whom we see as “native and national”, “an accepted prayer of the nation and ummah”- and Ak Party, at such a time when global powers and groups at home and abroad get united and all together attack all of our values.

We ask Allah to make this election blessed for our homeland, nation and ummah. Amin.

Hayrat Foundation Risale-i Nur Students

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